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As a premier supplier we offer both quality & a wide range of Black tea, Rooibos tea, Sencha tea, white tea & tisane’s alongside a fantastic range of traditional & flavoured coffee. To compliment this, we offer an extensive range of accessories including teapots, coffee pots, infusers & tea cosies.


For those wanting a more unique teatime experience we also offer a range of handmade one-offs items sourced from around the world including samovars, teapots, coffee pots, tea sets, coffee sets and spoons.

If you need any help with your selections we are happy to talk to you on the telephone, via e-mail or at one of the many events we attend around the country.





Coffee as cultural heritage; Arabian coffee culture makes history


Every year in winter time 24 representatives of different member states of the UNESCO unite to decide about the expansion of the international List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The list collects and documents special cultural forms of expressions that are worth preserving, like performing arts, music or living traditions and usages of all world religions.

By the publication of the list, a global conscience for the big variety of the single forms of culture shall be established. At the same time, it shall preserve the immaterial cultural assets.

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Tea varieties

Tea Bush w220 w220Tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis which is a species of evergreen shrub or small tree whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.
Two main varieties are grown: Camellia sinensis sinensis for Chinese teas, and Camellia sinensis assamica for Indian Assam teas
White tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong, pu-erh tea and black tea are all harvested from one or the other, but are processed differently to attain varying levels of oxidation. Kukicha (twig tea) is also harvested from Camellia sinensis, but uses twigs and stems rather than leaves.

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The world’s most expensive porcelain cup


The precious Chinese porcelain cup, also known as the “chicken cup” among art collectors, is decorated on both sides with a rooster, a hen and chicks walking amidst lilies and roses. This cup is representative of the height of the Chenghua Style in Chinese Art. The particularity of this style can be found in the paintwork, which is applied in several layers and which allows the cup to be dated between 1465 and 1487. There are only 17 known specimens worldwide, four of which are privately owned, the rest can be found in museums.

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