Coffee as cultural heritage; Arabian coffee culture makes history


Every year in winter time 24 representatives of different member states of the UNESCO unite to decide about the expansion of the international List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The list collects and documents special cultural forms of expressions that are worth preserving, like performing arts, music or living traditions and usages of all world religions.

By the publication of the list, a global conscience for the big variety of the single forms of culture shall be established. At the same time, it shall preserve the immaterial cultural assets.

This year the Arabian coffee culture has been proclaimed as world cultural heritage as it is valued as ‘special aspect of hospitality’. In Arabian countries, coffee is traditionally prepared before the eyes of the guests. In this way friends and foreigners are brought together to talk about different topics during a homely get-together.

During the preparation, the carefully selected beans are roasted in a plain pan over a fireplace and afterwards crushed to fine powder. The coffee powder is filled into a small metal pot with spout and afterwards doused with water. Afterwards the coffee is heated in the glow while adding cardamom and sugar. Once the coffee is ready, the unfiltered liquid is filled into small cups and served. The oldest and most important guest in the round is served first.