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Ethiopian Sidamo 225g

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Strength 1.5

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The growing region Sidamo is located in the south of the country at the edge of the Ethiopian Highlands. Like in other Ethiopian regions, coffee is cultivated in small peasant structures. Another well-known coffee region in Ethiopia is Harar, one of the highest located growing regions worldwide. Ethiopia, the former Abyssinia, is known as the birthplace of coffee. Descendants of the oldest coffee plants were found in the Ethiopian Highlands. Today, the country is the most important exporter of Arabica. Some 12 million of its citizens earn their living by growing coffee in mostly small peasant entities. Ethiopian coffee is not easy to describe. The coffee lover experiences an impressive variety in taste when drinking Ethiopia Sidamo. Its particularly spicy strong aroma is accompanied by a heavy chocolate fullness. A very rich body with a slightly flowery note contributes to this coffee's richness.

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