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Kopi Luwak 1KG

Kopi Luwak Coffee Strength 4

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“Kopi” is the Indonesian word for coffee and “Luwak” is the local name for the Civet like cat.
In the forests of Indonesia lives the Luwak or Palm Civet Cat being partial to picking only the most perfect Arabica coffee berries, the Luwak climbs trees and using its ultra-sensitive sense of smell it is able to select only the ripest and sweetest coffee berries and adds them to its diet. As they pass through the digestive system the enzymes which naturally occur in the gut break down the bitter proteins in the bean, and this starts the fermentation process which ultimately gives Kopi Luwak its distinct smooth and syrupy like texture. The undigested coffee berries are sent out as clusters of excrement and these are then collected by farmers before being cleaned, sun dried and prepared for shipment.

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